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 Education is a soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence. OPS- a name that need no introduction in the field of quality education has taken a giant leap towards excellence in event remotest part of KOSHI ZONE. The emergence of OPS Murliganj is an unprecedented boost to quality education in this region. It is a vision to promote total neurological and physical growth of  tinny toddlers in emotional and ecologically , friendly environment.
                        OPS Murliganj, new era in education is devoted to bring a radical transformations in the field of education by nursing the kids and grooming the juniors and seniors who  can be the the torches bearers of tomorrow.
                     The 21st century is dominated by information and technology. Today's generation is exposed to information of Titanic proportions, both in quantity and quality.
                             At Oxford Public School relief and technology with appropriate teachers guidance help us separate the the gold from bronze.
                          We hardly need to maintain that children going through the school with master the necessary skills in number, words languages,  computer, sports, yoga and other activities. By the time they leave our hands this should be all adjusted and self motivated as FUTURE GLOBAL CITIZENS. In other words we try to give the child such a strong roots into to his culture, society, at the occasion and other activities that he/she develop the confidence to SOAR TO THE SKIN.                                                                                


Dr. Manav Bharti

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